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Aquifer testing forms an important field component of any study

Aquifer testing forms an important field component of any study. The collection of aquifer parameters and the understanding of aquifer response to pumping stress – in terms of groundwater levels, boundary conditions, reactivity to recharge and discharge, all drive conceptual understanding and numerical assumptions in predictive models. Technique selection and design can be very important and highly dependent on hydrogeological input. Simple techniques like slug testing, while easy to deploy, may not collect the data needed, or may not stress the system to the extent required to collect the information sought, and inform later work.

Ground & Water Australia’s experience extends from test selection, test design, contractor engagement, and the design and installation of test production bore(s) and supporting infrastructure. Pump and power selection is equally important, and management of discharged water to reduce potential to impact testing is also considered.

Ground & Water Australia undertakes live infield evaluation of data during testing, rather than relying on end of test interpretations commonly applied with external software packages. This allows most value from testing to be achieved due to the ability to respond to system performance as it occurs, and it permits consideration of the conceptualisation of the system in the planning and undertaking of testing.

Aquifer testing includes pumping tests, injection tests, packer testing, falling and rising head (numerous techniques).

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