Groundwater Supply

Groundwater Supply Services in Australia and International markets.


Groundwater Supply and Borefield Management Expertise

Evaluations include high level groundwater exploration and reconnaissance, field mapping verification, test drilling and test pumping program design and implementation, bore(field) design and performance assessments, bore testing and optimisation, bore design and minimum specification compliance, bore(field) performance and rehabilitation requirements, pump selection and equipping including power and water reticulation, bore(field) expansion, groundwater quality, monitoring and telemetry and applications and approvals.

Ground & Water Australia team  have completed all these aspects of groundwater-related supply for private clients, mines, town water supplies and individual supply needs. We have worked in alluvial systems, sedimentary basins including the GAB, fractured rock, porous rock and lateritic terrain, from arid zone climates to equatorial high rainfall locations. We have identified remote targets and advanced them through design and approvals to full operation and have been involved in bore rehabilitation and replacement programs to sustain supply requirements.

Borefield performance reviews are also a specialised area – presentation of monitoring data is only a part of the process, competent analytical review is needed to develop practical solution for the management of groundwater resources.

Qualified and Accredited

At Ground & Water Australia, our approach emphasises the critical linkage between geoscience skills and technically defensible interpretations. We take pride in our commitment to being accredited and qualified. Our team's geology-based credentials and extensive hydrogeological experience allows us to deliver pragmatic and effective water management solutions to a range of hydrogeological environments.

Personal Engagement

Challenges are a part of any project, and we tackle them head-on. Our team believes in active issue resolution through strong and effective communications. We aim for personal engagement with clients throughout the project process.

Extensive Knowledge in the Industry

Our team’s extensive industry insights allow us to anticipate challenges, make informed decisions, and provide tailored solutions that match your project’s unique needs. And with over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the solutions needed.

If you’re looking for qualified and accredited hydrogeology services for groundwater supply, contact the team at Ground & Water Australia.

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