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Communicating science through Community Engagement.


A broad range of experience in community consultation

Ground & Water Australia has a broad range of experience in community consultation, from bore survey assessments conducted on landholder property and requiring 1-on-1 interaction, to group technical presentations of topics of varying complexity. Clear, open and jargon free communications are critical to the success of such programs, as are continuity of the delivery method and the presenter. It is also an important aspect of the process to engage with the community and provide the time needed for questions to be asked and answered.

In some cases, a request to be escorted around an area by a community representative can be highly advantageous to study outcomes due to the opportunity to share local knowledge and on the ground experiences.

Why Choose Us

Timely and Budget Conscious Engagement

Our approach to community consultation provides for timely and cost-effective interactions considering the need for adequate preparation of content, visualisation and explanation tools, and the means and location of community engagement.

Professional Approach

In community consultation, Ground & Water Australia’s experience is extremely valuable. We have presented to a wide range of scientific topics, sometimes to audiences which are not aligned to the project outcomes. This experience has provided our leadership with the methods and approaches needed to convey technical content and respond to community concerns at the same time. Most benefit is often gained from time spent after the presentation, an aspect of delivery which is critically important.

Proactive Solution in Communication

We take a hands-on approach to address community concerns and issues and are happy to lead the process. This provides an additional layer of engagement, and can provide a degree of disconnection to the broader project which in some cases is a valued and important aspect to message delivery.

Connect with us to learn how our proven approach to community consultation can help achieve your project goals.

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