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Delivered by a team of qualified, accredited and experienced Hydrogeologists

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As a team of accredited, qualified and experienced hydrogeologists, we provide a comprehensive range of services which include but are not limited to:

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What Makes Us Different

There are three elements of our trusted hydrogeological consultancy services which differentiates us from our competitors.


Properly Qualified


Professionally Accredited


Widely Experienced

Experienced Ground And Water Australia

We Are Qualified

Hydrogeology is a stream of Geoscience – geology-based academic credentials and a breadth of relevant experience are critical to hydrogeology project delivery.

Hydrogeological investigations require understanding of geology, structure, weathering and alteration, sediment, rock and rock fabric, field mapping skills, and a range of office based geological interpretation methods. Without these attributes, hydrogeology projects can be delivered as a regurgitation of public domain information or pre-existing work – which is of limited benefit to clients. Hydrogeological conceptualisations, which are the building blocks for predictive numerical models, when completed poorly can often result in broad uncertainty in the model predictive outcomes, and additional cost and schedule impacts to the project.

For this reason, Ground & Water Australia’s approach to project execution will always maintain a strong linkage to the geoscience skills needed to create meaningful and technically defensible interpretations needed to inform such studies. Our company name and corporate colours are deliberate to differentiate and recognise the importance of geology to the study of groundwater.

We Are Accredited

Many international jurisdictions have made it mandatory to assess and acknowledge the technical competency of practicing hydrogeologists. In Australia, such a requirement does not currently exist. However, the industry is undergoing a transformation as an expanding number of hydrogeologists are voluntarily enrolling in formalised accreditation programs.

So, why does this shift in focus matter?

Firstly, registration offers an impartial evaluation of hydrogeological competence, aimed at reducing the risk of unfounded self-promotion resulting in work being undertaken by someone unqualified to do so.

Secondly, it signifies a transparent commitment to the public and potential clients, demonstrating an understanding of the consequences of our work and the recognition of alignment of our services to an enforceable code of conduct

Lastly, it introduces a form of technical accountability that our industry desperately requires, especially important for the role we play in the ongoing energy transition and the critical need for sound water management advice across various sectors.

At Ground & Water Australia, we are dedicated to leading the industry in embracing and championing this shift towards enhanced hydrogeological competency and accountability.

Accredited Ground And Water Australia

Your Needs, Our Solutions

At Ground & Water Australia, we’re here to meet your specific needs. Whether you require hydrogeological expertise, technical reviews, community consultation, or other groundwater and environmental services, we’ve got you covered.

Our experienced team is led by Chris Dickinson who brings 30 years of industry experience to understanding your challenges and delivering schedule and cost effective solutions.

No matter the scale of your project, we’re committed to providing the support you require. Connect with us today to discuss your needs and discover how we can help you achieve success.


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