Hydrogeological Drilling Oversight and Field Supervision

Drilling Ground and Water Australia

Extensive Field Drilling and Testing Expertise

Ground & Water Australia has substantial experience in the completion of a range of field drilling and testing programs. This includes the drilling and installation of monitoring bores, production bores, and horizontal drains, the design of bores for purpose and compliance and the selection of bore construction and completion materials such that their purposes is not compromised through inadequate design. This is especially the case for production bores in aquifers of challenging conditions or limited inflow potential. We have experience in the installation, commissioning and data reduction and evaluation for a range of automated logging systems including VWPs.

Experience covers sub artesian to artesian conditions, through a range of environments such as alluvial systems, sedimentary basin systems (including the GAB), fractured rock (for example the Mt Isa Inlier) and lateritic terrain of northern Australia. We have worked extensively throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region, as well as in other international locations which pose unique procurement and logistical challenges.

Our field staff are trained and equipped to complete the tasks required but also have multiple levels of communication to allow frequent contact with more experienced team members as required.

Hydrogeological Drilling Oversight and Field Supervision Service Ground and Water Australia
Decades of Experience Ground and Water Australia

Decades of Experience

Backed by extensive and field practical experience, our senior leaders can provide the operational and on-the-ground support needed.

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