Hydrogeological Field Mapping

Field mapping to support interpretation

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The Importance of Hydrogeological Field Mapping

Hydrogeological field mapping is an important component of hydrogeological studies that is becoming less frequently undertaken yet can add substantial value to a study outcome. Field observations of discharge and recharge zones, mapped aquifer outcrop, river system morphology and other factors can substantially increase confidence in the conceptualisation and improve later study components such as modelling in addressing uncertainty ranges in predictive outcomes.

Groundwater supply projects in remote areas can also benefit from field mapping effort, improving understanding of groundwater movement and recharge mechanisms, and providing a guiding hand in site selection for test drilling. This can especially be the case for fractured rock terrain where drilling success can be hit and miss.

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Qualifications and experience are especially important – hydrogeological field mapping skills require a sound understanding of geological practices such as structural geology, rock identification, field mapping and map interpretation, and hydrogeological processes understanding. Understanding the hydrogeological environment is a three dimensional challenge: understanding and being able to interpret the surface of that system is an important skill.

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Proactive Problem solving

Our team uses modern communications and locational tools, coupled with geological approaches to data collection and observations. Experience is especially valuable in guiding which areas focused mapping should be aimed at, and what observations are critical to improving the conceptual understanding of a site. A couple of days effort can be all it takes to significantly improve a site understanding.

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